Organic and regenerative agriculture is knowledge and management intensive. Whether you’re an experienced organic producer, new to the industry, or just exploring the options, SureSource Agronomy is here to help.

Measure to Manage

Observations can tell us a lot about the health of our soils and crops. Understanding the influences and making improvements requires more detailed information, and a knowledge of how  various factors interact and influence each other.

Soil Testing
A soil test should be the basis of any soil and crop management program. We offer a variety of soil testing services, including the VitTellus Soil Health Report, which offers a comprehensive analysis of both the chemical and biological components of soil fertility. Follow the links to see our Agronomy Services price list and to download our Soil Sample Submission Forms.

With your soil test results in hand, we will create recommendations based on your crop production and soil management goals, using your choice of approaches – from the standard SLAN method to Albrecht/Kinsey soil balancing strategies.

Soil and Tissue Sampling Services and Price List
VitTellus Soil Health Sample Submission Form
Soil Sample Submission Form
Manure and Compost Sample Submission Form

Plant Analysis
Analyzing plant tissue during the growing season provides a “report card” on soil management by measuring the  nutrients that the plant has been able to take up from the soil. A tissue analysis shows the nutrients that have been absorbed, while a sap analysis shows currently available levels of nutrients, and usually compares old plant tissue to newer growth.

The results of these tests can both be used to address current nutrient deficiencies with immediate amendments applications (often using foliar sprays) and can also guide future soil management decisions. Click on the links to find submission forms and instructions.

Plant Tissue Analysis Submission Form
Plant Tissue Sampling Reference Guide
Sap Analysis Submission Form
Sap Analysis Sampling Guide


In addition to soil fertility and crop production recommendations, we are available for general farm management consulting in a variety of areas:

  • transitioning to organic
  • organic certification applications
  • farm business planning
  • cost of production
  • integrated weed management
  • crop rotation planning
  • crop marketing plans

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