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Power up your soil - naturally

Introducing Kickin’ Frass™

The revolutionary biofertilizer that will jump-start your plant performance!

Kickin’ Frass

The all-natural super fertilizer

SureSource Agronomy has harnessed the power of cricket frass to create a powerful, effective, all-natural biofertilizer for use in greenhouse, fruit, vegetable, horticulture and specialty crops.

The frass in SureSource Kickin’ Frass is sourced from London, Ontario-based Aspire Food Group. Aspire has invested in a state of the art, food-grade cricket farm, ensuring a reliable supply of high-quality frass. Because of Aspire’s local production capacity, our customers can rely on us to deliver product when and where they need it, at any time of year.

SureSource Agronomy has years of experience in formulating, blending and packaging effective, natural and organic-approved products that help farmers support and enhance the natural processes of the soil to produce nutrient-dense, resilient, and abundant crops. Kickin’ Frass is the next step in this evolution.

Kickin' Frass
Features and Benefits

  • Increases yield2
  • Stimulates rapid microbial activity and nutrient release in the soil3
  • Creates significant and sustained improvements to soil/media structure4
  • Offers an all-natural alternative to synthetic fertilizers and soil treatments/amendments
  • Adds organic matter to the soil, while frass crumble eliminates the risk of manure-borne pathogens
  • Supplies biomolecules like chitin, plant nutrients, and other essential elements in their naturally occurring state
  • Available both as a ‘raw frass’ product, and a formulated dry crumble for maximum application flexibility6
  • Packaged in bulk, 1,000 kg/2,204 lb totes and 25 kg/55 lb bags
  • Customized blends and packaging also available
  • Approved for organic use by ProCert

Guaranteed Analysis

Nitrogen (N)3.0%
Phosphate (P)2.0%
Potash (K)1.0%

Product Features

Calcium (Ca) 4.0%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.5%
Sulfur 0.3%
pH 5.7
C:N 11:1
Bulk Density 750 kg/m3
Organic Matter 64%
Dry Matter 90%

Complete analysis available on request.

Kickin' Frass Vineland Research Trial Highlights

  • Soil amended with frass showed improved higher organic matter levels, lower pH, and increased electrical conductivity at levels optimal for plant growth
  • Soil based growing media amended with frass crumble demonstrated extremely high breakdown rates, suggesting rapid nutrient availability
  • In addition to the rapid mineralization of frass in soil, frass inclusion also resulted in the rapid breakdown of soilless substrates, further supporting its benefit to composting processes
  • In lettuce, frass fertilizers were equally as effective as commercial organic fertilizer and yielded signficantly higher than the control

What is cricket frass?

Kickin’ Frass from SureSource Agronomy, powered by cricket frass, is a unique and revolutionary biofertilizer designed to enhance plant performance, naturally.

In simple terms, cricket frass is made up of cricket droppings, shed exoskeletons and residual plant-based cricket feed, all byproducts of the commercial cricket raising process. Frass has long been known as an effective, natural fertilizer, with applications in greenhouse, fruit, vegetable and even field crops.

Research shows1 that in addition to delivering a wide range of nutrients and micronutrients essential to plant health and growth, frass supports beneficial microbes and biological activity in the root zone. This improves soil structure and promotes steady water and nutrient retention.

Certified organic operators should always seek approval from their certification body before applying any inputs.

1,2,3,4 Vineland Research Station studies, 2023

5Guaranteed analysis is a guideline only and reflects the expectation of product composition based on previous third-party testing. The seller shall not be liable for damages or expenses of any kind including but not limited to lost profits, property damage or personal injuries in the use, handling or storage of the product. Seller’s liability is limited to refund of purchase price as outlined in the company return policy.

Apply according to soil test results and agronomic recommendations.

6Raw frass may require NASM or other approvals for field application.

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